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Friday, October 15, 2010

Sick Bands You May Not Know - Sarcolytic

If you're a fan of death metal and you don't know Sarcolytic, you've been missing out. At a time when the "death metal" scene has been over run with deathcore and kids who think that the more breakdowns a song has, the more talented the artists who perform it are, really talented death metal bands are few and far between. Enter Sarcolytic.

They play technical brutal death metal, and while some say that technicality is the complete opposite of brutality (i.e. the chuggier and breakdown-ier the song is, the more br00tal points it gets), Sarcolytic, orchestrate a mix of shredding guitars and a wall of drums that's just too fucking brutal to NOT be brutal!

You can download their first full-length release, "Thee Arcane Progeny" here.


  1. I enjoy this. The sound quality and drums remind me of early the faceless stuff, whom I'm not too fond of. But instead of the technicallity being places on sweep and wanking, it's with the mathy sudden breakdowns. :)

  2. wow, that's some pretty awesome music!

    check my blog sometime if you will.